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Is being able to write software the best skill in the world?

As a software developer you are coding the next generation of apps, websites, backend systems and IOT devices that power our world and make it a better place to live. Being a software engineer you design and implement code to deliver applications that allow humans to free themselves of low skilled or repititive tasks. You allow people to be more productive, spend less time working and make their lives a whole lot easier. The value you bring to the planet is such that your skills are in high demand and good software engineers tend to be in short supply.

Did you know that there are 5 jobs for every 1 available software developer? There is a big supply and demand gap in software engineering greater than any other role. When there are more jobs available than there are developers to fill them, hiring managers are forced to pay more and struggle to fill positions. This allows software developers to be particular about which job they decide to take and even decide if they want to take a job at all. If you can write code, you can develop technology that people want and need. In return they pay you handsomely for it.

If you have ever felt different, if you have ever been mocked for the way you think, if you have ever been labelled an introvert, nerd or a geek, embrace it. Being different is the hallmark of someone super successful. Only a few are called, only a few are chosen but those people know who they are. In the famous words of the late Steve Jobs “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.”

The other way to take advantage of the huge demand for software solutions is to create a business that provides the required software through either a subscription service (also known as Saas - Software as a Service), a licencing model or a one off payment for the application. Recently the subscription model has become the favoured approach as it provides the solution with a low barrier to entry. Customers can try for a period of time and continue to use the service if they feel happy with it. As a business, this approach can also be advantageous as revenue becomes more predictable which then allows for greater company stability, easier planning and smoother growth.

Why start a business if I can get a high paying job?

If Bill Gates had got a high paying job there would be no Microsoft. Google wouldn't have the answer to every question if Sergey Brin and Larry Page had decided a 9 - 5 was more suitable. It would also mean Android, Google Chrome, Google Maps and a plethora of other technologies wouldn't have been created. Tesla would still be just a car in your dreams instead of a dream car if Elon Musk had got the job at Netscape and these are just to name a few. You see, software engineering is what we do to solve technical problems and automate our lives. However, a business is what we create when we want to deliver these solutions to the many that need it.

Does that mean all software engineers should start their own business? No of course not. Marissa Mayer for example didn't start Google. She was one of the first employees (hired as an engineer) but went on to become the CEO of Yahoo as well as a tech investor. She has become very successful without having to start her own business. But do you think that success came without knowing business?

Having a grasp of business concepts is crucial to progress up the corporate ladder. Higher salary, more respect, more authority and the ability to impact key business decisions is what awaits the sofware engineer willing to take a step forward and learn about the business side of software development.

Imagine for a second, how would that enhance your life?

What is Startup Business Action Plan™️ all about?

Becoming a software engineer is great. The ability to design solutions and solve complex problems using algorithms all while being comfortable in the clothes that you choose to wear. This skillset by itself, however, doesn't equate to a money making machine that business is.

A business requires a whole range of other skillsets that are completely distinct some of which necessitate a form of thinking that can seem to be somewhat illogical or irrational. I can assure you that most of the expertise necessary in business actually have a scientific and very logical approach that are far easier to learn, comprehend and implement than the technical problems you may face on a daily basis as a developer.

Startup Business Action Plan™️ was created to fill that void. Having only focussed on your coding skills up until now, you will be missing fundamental knowledge essential in starting and scaling a business. These concepts are not hard to learn, but unfortunately there is so much false information on the internet it isn't easy to find what actually works. By not having the correct information, it is easy to make costly mistakes detrimental to any startup business.

The critical strategies that the Startup Business Action Plan™️ delivers are not found in books as these only cover concepts at a high level and are by no means comprehensive. You can also forget about an MBA or any other form of formal education. These programmes are generic at best, they don't cover any up-to date best practices as they weren't written by individuals in the trenches battling to get their software startups off the ground, and they certainly don't focus on the key essential pieces of information required for success. Have you noticed the number of successful tech company founders that dropped out of college?

Startup Business Action Plan™️ covers all you need to know to start a successful software business and scale it to a 6 or 7 figure income. It allows any software engineer to gain the valuable insights required to do well in business. Whether you are just starting out with your first job, you have been thinking about how to enhance your skills to get to the next level, or you want to know how to start a business for a product idea, this program is for you. It's a toolchest of all business aspects necessary for a software startup covered in one place.

What are the benefits to learning business?

No matter where you work as an employee or otherwise, you work in a business. Since business is such an important aspect of your life which governs your income, your welfare and your state of being, is it not essential to understand what powers this?

Stay in control of your life by being able to forsee any risk or opportunity at your doorstep.

Be prepared when talking to colleagues about key product decisions having a grasp on how it impacts the business.

Be able to apply business principles to your own startup shortcutting your time to success.

Avoid common mistakes of most tech entrepreneurs and give yourself the highest probability of generating a high income.

Early on in my career I focussed on becoming the best software engineer I could believing that this was the way to create a great product. I attended tech talks, I read tons of books and articles and I spent countless hours on Youtube digesting every piece of software best practise, programming techniques, and platform API tutorials I could find. If you are at this stage in your career or even earlier my advice would be to STOP CODING, START BUILDING!!!

How to make this training
Work for you

The Startup Business Action Plan™️ is unlike any other online program out there. It isn't a course where you skip modules and lose interest after two weeks. To make the Business Action Plan work for you, you have to take ACTION!

You can begin to implement the concepts right away. You will be given examples for you to try out and solidify the learnings. The approach is to deliver the content for you to digest at your own pace and it is expected that you use what you can as and when you need it dependent on the stage you are in your startup journey and the time you have available.

Having lifetime access allows you to go back over the material as many times as needed. Some content will be more advanced and will need experience to fully appreciate. It will be there for you as a reference, therefore, as soon as you get to that stage. In order to be successful, however, it does require commitment.

Startup Business Action Plan Module Breakdown

Business Action Plan A


The most important aspect of business is people, their behaviours, their mindset, their attitude. This module dives into the psychology of humans and what motivates them to do what they do. Having insight into this area allows you to tap into the secrets of influence and persuation. It will also allow you to better understand yourself and how to gain the best out of your own abilities.
Business Action Plan A


Budding entrepreneurs often fail with their first set of startup ideas because they haven't come across the formula for what makes a good business idea. Their initial concept lacks a strong foundation from the start. When they begin to build their startup on top of the idea, it eventually comes crashing down. In this module you will learn the technique to know whether your concept could go on to become a home run or if you should just dump it and move onto something else.
Business Action Plan A


It is said that Thomas Edison made 1000 unsuccessful attempts before he created the light bulb. The crucial point is often missed, however, that Edison was simply following the natural phenomenon of testing. We see testing in most areas of life from trying on clothes to visiting a new restaurant. Much like the rest of our existence, testing is also vital in business. This module breaks down, therefore, the why and the how testing should be done. You will then be able not only to determine if what you have works, but also how to improve it to be more effective also.
Business Action Plan A


Rome wasn't built in a day. When it was built, however, it was done with the infrastructure required to make it a fortified and thriving city. Business also needs the right infrastructure in place to allow it to function smoothly and scale without problems. Once you have gone through this module, you will be able to master putting the right systems and processes into any business to allow it to operate even without your input.
Business Action Plan A


What gets measured gets improved. That is why this module focusses on what metrics you will need to observe in your dashboard to know the direction your business is taking. Any signs of danger will allow you to act promptly and navigate to safety. You will be able to plan ahead and set targets to improve the vital areas of the business necessary for growth. The term they use in the industy is 'Growth Hacking'. Become a growth hacker with the understandings from this module.
Business Action Plan A


Once your business is set up for growth, it's nurture time. You will learn in this module how to sustainably grow your business. Cash flow is a key component of growth and how it is spent can mean the difference between a business becoming crippled vs a business growing exponentially. Knowing how to manage your cash flow, therefore, is of the utmost importance. Should you take investment? How much investment should you take, when should you take it, and from who should you take it? This module explores these topics.
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Startup Business Action Plan

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